Cubs 1997 Uniform Numbers

Here is the list of the uniform numbers of the 1997 Chicago Cubs.

(c) indicates Coach, (m) Indicates Manager
1-Doug Glanville (Changed to #8), Lance Johnson
2-Mako Oliveras(c)
3-Dan Radison(c)
5-Jim Riggleman(m)
6-Mike Hubbard
7-Tyler Houston
8- Doug Glanville
9-Scott Servais
10-Terrell Lowery
11-Rey Sanchez (Traded to Yankees)
12-Shawon Dunston(Traded to Pirates)
13-Turk Wendell (Traded to Mets)
15-Kevin Orie
17-Mark Grace
18-Jose Hernandez
19-Brooks Kieschnick
20-Miguel Cairo
21-Sammy Sosa
22-Dave Clark
23-Ryne Sandberg
24-Manny Alexander
25-Dave Hansen
26-Billy Williams(c)
27-Phil Regan(c)
29-Robin Jennings
31-Kevin Foster
33-Terry Adams (Changed to #51), Ramon Morel
34-Kent Bottenfield (Changed to #45)
35-Bob Patterson
36-Kevin Tapini
37-Brant Brown
38-Dave Swartzbaugh (Demoted to Class AAA)
40-Tony Muser(c) (Became Kansas City Royals Manager), Dave Stevens
41-Marc Pisciotta
42-Dan Radison(c) (Changed to #3)
43-Dave Bialas(c)
44-Amaury Telemaco (Demoted to Class AAA)
45-Terry Mulholland (Waived, Picked up by San Francisco), Kent Bottenfield
46-Steve Trachsel
47-Miguel Batista
48-Mark Clark
49-Frank Castillo (Traded to Rockies)
51-Mel Rojas (Traded to Mets), Terry Adams
52-Ramon Tatis
54-Jeremi Gonzalez
55-Larry Casian (Released, Picked up by Kansas City), Jeff Pentland(c)
56-Brian McRae (Traded to Mets)
59-Rodney Myers
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