Cubs 1987 Uniform Numbers

(c) indicates Coach, (m) Indicates Manager
1-Dave Martinez
2-John Vukovich(c)
3-Herm Starrette (c)
4-Gene Michael (m)(resigned)
5-Jim Snyder (c)
6-Keith Moreland
7-Jody Davis
8-Andre Dawson
9-Johnny Oates (c)
10-Leon Durham
11-Jim Sundberg
12-Shawon Dunston
16-Paul Noce
17-Mike Brumley
18-Wade Rowden
19-Manny Trillo
20-Bobby Dernier
21-Scott Sanderson
22-Jerry Mumphrey
23-Ryne Sandberg
24-Brian Dayett
25-Rafael Palmeiro
26-Billy Williams (c)
28-Luis Quinones
29-Chico Walker
30-Darrin Jackson
31-Greg Maddux
32-Mark Leonette(sent to minors)*
      *(Mark Leonette never actually appeared in a game, but was on the active roster for 4 games)
33-Frank DiPino
34-Steve Trout(traded to Yankees), Damon Berryhill
36-Gary Matthews Sr.(traded to Mariners)
37-Ed Lynch
39-Ron Davis(released)
40-Rick Sutcliffe
41-Mike Mason
42-Bob Tewksbury
44-Drew Hall
46-Lee Smith
47-Dickie Noles(traded to Tigers)
48-Jay Baller
49-Jamie Moyer
50-Les Lancaster
53-Frank Lucchesi (m)

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