Cubs 1978 Uniform Numbers

(c) indicates Coach, (m) Indicates Manager
1-Cookie Rojas(coach and active player)
2-Peanuts Lowrey(c)
3-Herman Franks(m)
4-Mike Roarke(c)
5-Joey Amalfitano(c)
6-Larry Cox
7-Bobby Murcer
8-Dave Rader
9-Joe Wallis(traded to Indians),Tim Blackwell
10-Dave Kingman
11-Ivan DeJesus
12-Rudy Meoli
16-Steve Ontiveros
17-Ed Putman
18-Gene Clines
19-Manny Trillo
20-Mick Kelleher
21-Greg Gross
22-Bill Buckner
23-Mike Gordon
24-Hector Cruz(traded to Giants),Jerry White
25-Scot Thompson
26-Larry Biittner
27-Mike Vail
29-Mike Sember
30-Ken Holtzman
31-Davy Johnson
32-Rodney Scott
34-Ray Burris
35-Woodie Fryman(traded to Expos)
37-Manny Seoane
38-Willie Hernandez
39-Mike Krukow
40-Lynn McGlothen
41-Dave Roberts
42-Bruce Sutter
43-Paul Reuschel(traded to Indians)
45-Jack Bloomberg(c), Karl Pagel
46-Dave Geisel
47-Dennis Lamp
48-Rick Reuschel
49-Donnie Moore

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