Cubs 1961 Uniform Numbers

(c) indicates Coach, (hc) Indicates Head Coach
(there was no manager, the Cubs during this year employed the College of Coaches)

1-Richie Ashburn
6-Dick Bertell
7-Sammy Taylor
8-Moe Thacker, George Freese
9-Cuno Berragan
10-Ron Santo
11-Ed Bouchee
12-Mel Roach
14-Ernie Banks
16-Jerry Kindall
17-Don Zimmer
18-Andre Rodgers
19-Sammy Drake
20-Jim McAnany
21-George Altman
22-Al Heist
23-Nelson Matthews
24-Lou Brock
25-Frank Thomas, Moe Thacker, Moe Morhardt
26-Billy Williams
27-Danny Murphy
28-Bob Will
30-Dick Drott
32-Bob Anderson
33-Ken Hubbs
34-Dick Burwell
36-Don Elston
37-Dick Ellsworth
40-Glen Hobbie
41-Barney Schultz
42-Jack Curtis
43-Don Cardwell
45-Mel Wright
46-Joe Schaffernoth
48-Jim Brewer
50-Charlie Grimm (c)
51-Bobby Adams (player and c)
52-El Tappe (c) (hc)
53-Harry Craft(c) (hc)
54-Vedie Himsl (c) (hc)
55-Ripper Collins (c)
56-Verlon Walker (c)
57-Goldie Holt (c)
58-Fred Martin (c)
59-Dick Cole (c)
60-Lou Klein (c) (hc)

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