Cubs 2009 Uniform Numbers

Here are the uniform numbers of the 2009 edition of the Chicago Cubs.
(C) Indicates Coach, (M) Indicates Manager

1-Kosuke Fukudome
2-Ryan Theriot
3-Alan Trammell(C)
4-Joey Gathright(traded to Orioles), Ryan Freel(traded to Royals)
5-Jake Fox
6-Micah Hoffpauir
7-Aaron Miles
8-Mike Quade (C)
9-Reed Johnson
11-Ivan DeJesus (C)
12-Alfonso Soriano(DL)
13-Andres Blanco
16-Aramis Ramirez
17-Mike Fontenot
18-Geovany Soto
19-Tyler Colvin
21-Milton Bradley
22-Kevin Hart(traded to Pirates),Tom Gorzelanny
24-Bobby Scales
25-Derrek Lee
27-Sam Fuld
28-Gerald Perry (C)(fired),Jeff Baker
29-Jeff Samardzija
30-Ted Lilly
33-Esmailin Caridad
35-Lester Strode (C)
36-Randy Wells
37-Angel Guzman
38-Carlos Zambrano
39-Matt Sinatro (C)
40-Rich Harden
41-Lou Piniella (M)
42*-Kosuke Fukudome,Ryan Theriot,Alan Trammell(C),Joey Gathright,Micah Hoffpauir, Aaron Miles,Mike Quade (C),Reed Johnson,Ivan DeJesus (C),Alfonso Soriano,Aramis Ramirez,Mike Fontenot,Geovany Soto,Milton Bradley,Derrek Lee,Gerald Perry (C),Ted Lilly,Lester Strode (C),Angel Guzman,Carlos Zambrano,Matt Sinatro (C),Rich Harden,Lou Piniella (M),Sean Marshall,Ryan Dempster,Aaron Heilman,Neal Cotts,Carlos Marmol,Larry Rothschild (C), Luis Vizcaino,David Patton,Koyie Hill,Kevin Gregg
43-Jason Waddell(sent to minors, released),John Grabow
44-Chad Fox(DL)
45-Sean Marshall
46-Ryan Dempster
47-Aaron Heilman
48-Neal Cotts(sent to minors)
49-Carlos Marmol
50-Larry Rothschild (C)
51-Luis Vizcaino(Waived),Von Joshua(C)
52-Jeff Stevens
54-David Patton
55-Koyie Hill
58-Jose Ascanio(Sent to minors, Traded to Pirates)
60-Mitch Atkins(sent to minors)
63-Kevin Gregg
64-Justin Berg
99-So Taguchi

*NOTE:On April 15, 2009, the entire team wore #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson.

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