Cubs 2001 Uniform Numbers

Here is the list of the uniform numbers of the 2001 edition of the Chicago Cubs.

(c) Indicates Coach, (m) Indicates Manager

1-Augie Ojeda
2-Sandy Alomar (c)
3-Gene Glynn (c)
4-Jeff Pentland (c)
5-Rene Lachemann (c)
6-Ron Coomer
7-Eric Young
8-Oscar Acosta (c)
9-Damon Buford(released),Todd Hundley
11Todd Dunwoody(sent to minors),Michael Tucker(Changed to #24)
12-Ricky Gutierrez
13-Jeff Fassero
15-Julio Zuleta(sent to minors)
16-Delino DeShields
19-Gary Matthews Jr(waived-claimed by Pirates)
20-Corey Patterson
21-Sammy Sosa
22-Rondell White
24-Matt Stairs(Changed to #30), Michael Tucker
25-Don Baylor (m)
26-Billy Williams(c)
27-Joe Girardi
28-Roosevelt Brown
29-Robert Machado(Changed to #72), Fred McGriff
30-Matt Stairs
31-Mike Fyhrie(sent to minors, traded to Oakland)
32-Jon Lieber
33-Bill Mueller
34-Kerry Wood
35-Will Ohman(sent to minors)
36-Kevin Tapani
37-Scott Chiasson
38-Manny Aybar(sent to minors, Traded to Tampa Bay),Carlos Zambrano
40-Manny Aybar(Changed to #38),Miguel Cairo(waived-claimed by Cardinals),Chad Meyers
41-David Weathers(changed to #49)
44-Kyle Farnsworth
45-Tom Gordon
46-Jason Bere
47-Todd Van Poppel
48-David Weathers(Changed to #41), Joe Borowski(sent to minors)
49-Felix Heredia(changed to 94), David Weathers
50-Julian Tavarez
51-Juan Cruz
54-Ron Mahay
55-Courtney Duncan
56-Jason Smith(sent to minors-traded to Devil Rays)
72-Robert Machado
94-Felix Heredia
99-Todd Hundley(Changed to #9)

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