Cubs 2000 Uniform Numbers

Here is the list of the uniform numbers of the 2000 edition of the Chicago Cubs.

(c) Indicates Coach, (m) Indicates Manager
Players in red are no longer with the major league team.

1-Dave Martinez(Traded to Texas)
2-Sandy Alomar (c)
3-Gene Glynn (c)
4-Jeff Pentland (c)
5-Rene Lachemann (c)
6-Glenallen Hill(Traded to Yankees),Ross Gload
7-Eric Young
8-Joe Girardi
9-Damon Buford
11-Jose Nieves
12-Ricky Gutierrez
15-Julio Zuleta
16-Jeff Reed
17-Mark Grace
18-Cole Liniak(sent to minors)
20-Chad Meyers
21-Sammy Sosa
22-Tarrik Brock(sent to minors), Rondell White(DL)
24-Shane Andrews
25-Don Baylor (m)
26-Billy Williams (c)
27-Corey Patterson
28-Roosevelt Brown

29-Jeff Huson
30-Mark Guthrie(Traded to Devil Rays),Raul Gonzalez(sent to minors)
32-Jon Lieber
34-Kerry Wood
35-Danny Young(sent to minors), Brant Brown(Changed to 37), Scott Downs(traded to Montreal),Will Ohman
36-Kevin Tapani
37-Scott Downs(changed to 35) , Brant Brown(sent to minors),Jerry Spradlin
38-Rick Aguilera
39-Willie Greene
40-Henry Rodriguez(traded to Florida),Ozwaldo Mairena
41-Steve Rain
44-Kyle Farnsworth
45-Tim Worrell
46-Oscar Acosta (c)
47-Todd Van Poppel
48-Ruben Quevedo
49-Felix Heredia
50-Phil Norton(sent to minors)
51-Brian Williams(released-signed by Cleveland), Gary Matthews Jr.
52-Matt Karchner(Released),Joey Nation
54-Jeremi Gonzalez(DL)
55-Andrew Lorraine(Released-Signed by Cleveland),Augie Ojeda(Changed to 57),Jamie Arnold
57-Augie Ojeda
58-Mike Mahoney
59-Ismael Valdes(traded to Dodgers)
76-Daniel Garibay

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