Cubs 1939 Uniform Numbers

(c) indicates Coach, (m) Indicates Manager
2-Dick Bartell, Gabby Hartnett (Player and M)(See note below)
3-Phil Cavarretta
4-Billy Herman
5-Dick Bartell
6-Stan Hack
7-Augie Galan
8-Joe Marty, Bill Nicholson
9-Hank Leiber
11-Bill Lee
12-Gus Mancuso
13-Claude Passeau
14-Larry French
15-Bobby Mattick, Steve Mesner
16-Ray Harrell
17-Charlie Root
18-Clay Bryant
19-Red Corriden (c)
20-Roy Johnson (c)
22-Dizzy Dean
23-Vern Olsen
24-Jim Gleeson
25-Kirby Higbe
27-Gene Lillard
28-Jack Russell
31-Earl Whitehill
32-Rip Russell
39-Bob Garbark
41-Vance Page
43-Carl Reynolds

(note: Dick Bartell and Gabby Hartnett both wore #2 at the same time at one point during the season. When Hartnett was on the disabled list, Bartell was his replacement on the team - and was assigned #2, even though Hartnett was still wearing #2 and in the dugout as the Manager)

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