Cubs 1932 Uniform Numbers

(c) indicates Coach, (m) Indicates Manager
(Note:The Chicago Cubs started wearing uniform numbers on June 30, 1932)

1-Woody English
2-Billy Herman
3-Kiki Cuyler
4-Riggs Stephenson
5-Johnny Moore
6-Charlie Grimm(Player and M)
7-Gabby Hartnett
8-Rollie Hemsley
9-Rogers Hornsby(Player and M), Mark Koenig
11-Billy Jurges
12-Charlie Root
14-Guy Bush
15-Pat Malone
16-Burleigh Grimes, Ed Baecht
17-Lon Warneke
18-Bob Smith
19-Jakie May, Harry Taylor
21-Bud Tinning
22-Marv Gudat
23-Leroy Herrmann
27-Bobo Newsom
31-Stan Hack
34-Zack Taylor
41-Red Corriden(c), Carroll Yerkes
42-Charley O'Leary (c)
49-Vince Barton, Carroll Yerkes,
51-Frank Demaree
56-Lance Richbourg

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